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Tim Matthies
13 years ago

I have very fond memories of wonderful conversations and laughs with Anne at concerts, parties and other events connected to the choir Michael and I sang in together for a number of years. Anne was a very special lady, insightful and warm and apporachable. I am so sorry to hear of her death and the loss to Michael and the family. All my thoughts are with you at this time and I hope to see you soon. All best, Tim Matthies

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Twinkle Yates
13 years ago

Annie was always there, always stayed in touch while I was overseas, filling me in on all the goings on. Never forgetting a birthday, or special occasion, or if no occasion ..inventing one! A few weeks ago we were out having coffee and shopping, Mike was with us and Annie secretly bought me a scarf,how we laughed, because if there was one thing we over-indulged in (well besides Chardonnay!) ..was secretly purchased scarves...I now have a favourite one and will wear it with the knowledge that Annie will be looking over my shoulder nodding with approval when I find it absolutely necessary to buy " just one more" She was the best sister -in-law to me and my husband, and the best Auntie to Bobby. Always in our hearts Annie, love you xx

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